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O Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Clube fundado em 28 de Fevereiro de 1904, é o maior Clube do Mundo. Tem 14 Milhões de adeptos, 160 000 Sócios em 70 países e em 2006 conquistou a distinção de “Maior Clube do Mundo”, atribuida pelo Guiness World Record. Atualmente, o Sport Lisboa Benfica tem 1200 atletas distribuídos por 30 modalidades. É no futebol que o Benfica orgulha e prestigia os milhões de Benfiquistas. O Sport Lisboa e Benfica pertence à elite do Futebol: é 1 dos 12 Clubes que ganhou a Taça dos Campeões Europeus por duas vezes; foi considerado pela UEFA como o 9º Clube Europeu do Século XX e obteve a 8ª Posição no Ranking L´Equipe. Em Portugal é o Clube com mais títulos.

Founded on February 28th, 1904, Sport Lisboa e Benfica is the Biggest Club in the World. It has 14 million fans, 160.000 members in 70 countries and, in 2006, won the award of “Biggest Club in the World” by Guinness World Record. SL Benfica has currently 1200 athletes distributed by 30 sports. It is through football that SL Benfica brings pride and prestige to its millions of fans. Benfica is among the beautiful game’s elite: it is one of 12 clubs that has won the European Cup twice; it was considered by UEFA as the 9th European Club of the 20th century, being ranked 8th by the prestigious magazine L’Equipe. It is also the club with the most titles in Portugal.

Our recently announced Benfica Experience has had to be re-scheduled and won't now take place in June 2017. However we hope to do an event with SL Benfica in the coming months so please keep checking this page for updates in the coming weeks. Funds raised from any game we do with the club will support the Fundação Benfica (Benfica Foundation).

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