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Sit back and enjoy the fantastic contenders for the ‘Football Aid 2017 - Goal of the Season’ competition... 

...and don’t forget to check out the other compilations in our Videos section and on our YouTube channel (if the above Video doesn't play you can watch it here).

With all the goals analysed and the competition entries checked, we’re now able to announce the results of the ‘Football Aid 2017 - Goal of the Season’ competition.

The winning goals, chosen by expert judge Pat Nevin, are listed in reverse order below (Pat's comments are in quotes) - 

3rd: Goal I - Norwich City - Gary Brazier
“It was a great hit from distance and at such a difficult angle that the keeper surely never expected to be caught so sweetly. I am looking for quality, with no luck involved, that was absolutely deliberate. Every box ticked and a spectacular goal!”

2nd: Goal S - England vs Rep of Ireland - Jamie Martin
“I am a huge fan of a well delivered dink and this was certainly one. Jamie has a quick look up to assess the situation before perfectly executing the skill. Goal M by Daniele Dussoni for QPR was a contender in this category, but there can only be one dink per top three and he just missed out. Both were delightful goals and for a view to see how it should be done check out Nevin for Everton v Man Utd in a 3-2 home win! Yes I do dearly love a dink or a scoop.”

1st: Goal G - Leicester City - Alessandro Dell'Orto
“This was another tough choice because in the same game there was another screamer from outside the box by Emmanuele Tamburrini (Goal F). Alessandro however just gets the nod because the second angle shows that it is smashed so perfectly and elegantly into the corner that no keeper would have got there. Kasper Schmeichel wouldn't have stopped that one, even with the help of his Dad! The clincher is exactly that; spectacular, classy, deliberate but also that it would not look out of place in a Goal of The Season list in the Premier League. A worthy winner to join the canon of great Goals of the Season for Football Aid!”

We’d like to send our huge congratulations to Goal of the Season 2017 winner Alessandro Dell'Orto, his incredible left foot strike from distance was a thoroughly deserving winner. Alessandro wins himself a special Goal of the Season trophy as a reward for his outstanding achievement.

The winner of our prediction competition was Mark Watson and he’s won himself a free position in our 2018 games.

Thanks to everybody who entered the competition and huge congratulations again to all of our tremendous Goal of the Season finalists for providing us with such a fantastic standard of goals to choose from.

Full List of the Goal of the Season 2017 Finalists

Goal A - Arsenal - Shahin Chamanzar
Goal B - Arsenal - Terry Rickeard
Goal C - Brighton & Hove Albion - Luke Ralph
Goal D - Celtic G2 - Scott McQueen
Goal E - Everton G2 - Andrew Kenny
Goal F - Leicester City - Emanuele Tamburrini
Goal G - Leicester City - Alessandro Dell'Orto
Goal H - Manchester City - Lee Sweeney
Goal I - Norwich City - Gary Brazier
Goal J - Norwich City - Alejandro Morello
Goal K - Notts County - Terry Rickeard
Goal L - Nottingham Forest - Josh Clifford
Goal M - QPR G1 - Daniele Dussoni
Goal N - QPR G2 - William Lewis
Goal O - Sheffield United - Dean Hughes
Goal P - Southampton - Matthew Walker
Goal Q - Southampton - Andrew Harland
Goal R - Sunderland - Kevin Wright
Goal S - England vs Rep of Ireland - Jamie Martin
Goal T - England vs Scotland - John Stott

All the footage for the competition was generously edited and provided by our official matchday DVD providers Chillpics. Official matchday DVDs of our games can be ordered by calling Shane on tel - 07901 590723 or e-mail - image