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Manchester United’s nominated charity is UNICEF, the world’s leading organisation working specifically for children.

Manchester United has been working with UNICEF since 1999 through the United for UNICEF partnership. During this time the club has raised in excess of £1.75 million for UNICEF programmes around the world. The partnership has benefited over 1.5 million children in countries across the globe including China, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, South Africa, Mozambique, Afghanistan and Iraq. The 2005/06 Football Aid grant went towards a project educating adolescent youths in Sierra Leone about how to protect themselves against HIV , bringing the total awarded to UNICEF since Football Aid’s conception to over a phenomenal £113,000.

In 2005, Sir Alex Ferguson was proud to hand over a cheque worth £24,000 to representatives from UNICEF. The money was raised through the 2004 Football Aid games at Old Trafford. Sir Alex was appointed a UNICEF UK ambassador in August 2002 and since then; he has played an active role in many fundraising and sponsorship events, including Football Aid. He explains, “I visited a UNICEF supported centre in Bangkok which provides protection and development for children as young as seven who have been abused or exploited. Once you experience the work first hand you realise how essential it is. The money raised through the Football Aid event will help support and raise awareness of the issues faced by disadvantaged children worldwide and is of great value to UNICEF’s vital work.”

In addition, with the help of funding from Manchester United and Football Aid (through Field of Dreams), UNICEF supported a regional HIV/AIDS initiative in Southern China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar - the Buddhist Monk Leadership, a project providing direct assistance to children and their families living with HIV/ AIDS. Well over 7 million people in Asia are HIV positive and UNICEF is working hard to increase awareness and prevention strategies aimed at children and young people in order to reduce HIV transmission rates.

December 2008 Update - In 2008 UNICEF received £33,344 from Field of Dreams towards a campaign to halt the spread of HIV in China. The club are committed to supporting this project through an initiative called “Skills in a Box”.

According to UNICEF, “The programme aims to teach young people the facts on AIDS along with the skills to prevent HIV infection and stop discrimination. Images and quotes from Manchester United football stars will be published on posters, HIV education materials, and youthful materials such as stickers and t-shirts to motivate and encourage young people to “act like their role models”.”


January 2010 Update - Manchester United 2008 - £11,616 to UNICEF UK, the club has been working with UNICEF since 1999 through the 'United for UNICEF' partnership and the club has raised over £2 million for UNICEF programmes and has benefited over 1.5 million children worldwide. 

"Football Aid and Manchester United's support for UNICEF means that together we can help bring real improvements in the lives of children affected by AIDS/HIV. On behalf of UNICEF UK, I would like to thank you for this generous donation and for your continued support."

Manchester United 2009 - £25,000 to the Manchester United Foundation. It aims to use the passion for Manchester United to educate, motivate and inspire young people to build a better life for themselves and improve the communities they live in. The Foundation delivers football coaching, skills training, personal development and life changing experiences, providing young people with opportunities to change their lives for the better.

"The Manchester United Foundation is delighted to support Football Aid/Field of Dreams with their efforts to raise much appreciated charitable funds."