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1.6) Will the teams be mixed-sex?

Football Aid delivers Football Association (FA) & Scottish Football Association (SFA) sanctioned competitive matches at senior professional football Clubs for fans of each participating Club. In accordance with the rules of the FA & SFA, Football Aid matches must be single-sex.

As most participating clubs are limited to one game in association with Football Aid, we have to target the majority fan base for our matches. Therefore, as all our matches are single-sex, at this time all the current Football Aid Events are open to men only, over the age of 18.

In the early years of Football Aid, we offered ladies' games at two of our participating Clubs. Unfortunately we didn't receive enough interest for these games to be financially viable and the Events never went ahead. As a relatively small fundraising organisation, we have limited resources to mass market our products in a way that will generate sufficient demand to justify offerings for both men and women at this time.

Football Aid is monitoring this situation and is actively seeking ways of involving more members of society in Football Aid related fundraising activities.