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3.9) What if I get injured, or can't make the Match for any reason, will I get a refund?

Football Aid recognises that there may be circumstances, such as illness, injury or other personal circumstances, in which you may no longer be able to participate in a Football Aid Match.

In the event of such circumstances, or your awareness of the possibility of such circumstances, you must notify Football Aid immediately of your inability, or suspected inability to participate in a Football Aid Match.

It would then be your responsibility to find someone to take your position in the Match. Any replacement would then have to contact Football Aid immediately to make sure they are registered on our website and therefore have agreed to the terms and conditions. Provided you find someone Football Aid would then re-allocate your position. Please be aware that if your shirt has already been printed you would either have to cover the costs of purchasing a new personalised shirt or your replacement would have to wear your shirt on the day.

If you aren't able to find a replacement yourself, Football Aid may be able to find a suitable Reserve player to take your place in the Match. Provided a Reserve can be found, Football Aid will offer you a refund of the Position Price paid by you, less any reasonable costs incurred by Football Aid in connection with your proposed participation in the Football Aid Match and the identification by Football Aid of a suitable Reserve.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.