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3.6) How can I pay for my successful Bid, Buy Now or Sponsored To Play purchase?

Paying for a Bidding position: If you're successful in Bidding for a position, details of your winning bid should immediately appear in your My Bids section (and you'll also be sent a confirmation e-mail shortly after bidding closes). Payment can then be made by choosing the Make Payment option and following the on-screen instructions. Failure to make payment within the allotted time (normally 4 days after you have won the auction) will result in your position being re-opened for bidding or being allocated to another player.

Paying for a Fixed Price - Buy Now or Sponsored To Play position: When purchasing your Buy Now or Sponsored To Play position, simply follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the position to make your payment online. Buy Now positions have to be paid in full, while Sponsored To Play positions can be secured by making a deposit payment only, with the remaining balance required to be paid by a set deadline date.

Please Note:

- All online payments are made through the online payment provider WorldPay, ensuring your transaction will be carried out over a secure payment link. We accept online payment from Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, or Maestro (formerly Switch) cards. Note: WorldPay will apply the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified-by-Visa security system to payments they process on Football Aid's behalf. These schemes enable cardholder's identity to be authenticated through entry of a secret password - very much like the PIN number used in face-to-face payments.

- An admin fee of £10 will be added to the Bidding, Buy Now or Sponsored to Play price to cover shirt printing. This fee is compulsory and will be added to the total amount due before you make payment online.

For more details about paying for positions please visit our Buying Guide.